Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lasang Pinoy 3: Pinoy Street Food [ TAHO! ]

This entry is for the Lasang Pinoy 3:
Pinoy Street Food


“Mom, manong (that’s how we call the taho vendor) is already here; please give me barya to buy taho.” I was always excited whenever I hear the taho vendor’s voice every morning when I was young. Taho is one of my favorite street foods until now. I usually request the vendor to add more arnibal and sago to my taho. I prefer my taho to be really hot (as in bagong luto talaga).

I passed this craving to my son who also loves it so much. Even my niece Gwen waits every morning for the taho vendor. Her day isn’t complete without eating our favorite street food.

I tried before to make taho because I was a little worried about how this delicious food was being prepared and cooked. Being a mommy now, I want my son to eat food which is nutritious and hygienically prepared. Unfortunately, the taho I made didn’t taste like the one we used to buy from manong.

Whenever I go to Sidcor Market (that’s the organic market here in Lung Center of the Philippines parking area every Sunday), I usually buy taho from this stall which is selling soybeans products. I forgot the name of the store (sorry because it’s been a little while since I visited the Sunday market). The saleslady told me that their taho is really pure soybeans and hygienically prepared although a little pricey. That’s PhP25. per cup. But if you would buy it from manong, it’s much cheaper.

I just can’t control my craving for taho. Hygienically prepared or not I still wait for manong every morning to savor the taste and sweetness of taho. Anyway, food addiction runs in the blood of our family (he,he,he).