Friday, December 30, 2005

Oasis in Cubao

CUBAO is one of the places I associate with my childhood. Before the emergence of SM North Edsa, Ayala Center, Ortigas Center, and Libis, Cubao held the title of the most-visited place in Metro Manila.

My first carnival visit was in Fiesta Carnival. I was in Grade 5 when our section had a field trip and one of the destinations was the Fiesta Carnival. I couldn’t forget how dizzy I was when we took the octopus ride. I also rode the roller coaster and caterpillar. It was such a lovely experience for me.

My friends and I always watched the Christmas presentation being shown in COD Cubao every year. Unfortunately, COD closed down last year and the traditional presentation ended.

The main attraction in Cubao is the Araneta Coliseum. This is where I watched “Holidays on Ice” when I was 10 years old.

The Aranetas (owner of Araneta Center) are developing Araneta Center now to regain the glory of Cubao. One of the newly-built establishments in Cubao is the Gateway Mall. For me, it is an upscale department store. The main attraction of the mall is the oasis. I couldn’t help myself taking pictures of the oasis.

The place where Fiesta Carnival was formerly situated had become Shopwise Store. Fiesta Carnival became an outdoor carnival infront of SM Cubao.


schatzli said...

naku lani ako laki cebu pero every dec nasa pasig kami!!!
a part of our annual holiday was to go to Cubao sa COD at Araneta...
kakaiyak naman to!!!

Luchie said...

when I was a child i was also so amazed of Cubao especially COD Dept Store.
Got nice photos here.
Happy New Year!!!

ces said...

hi lani..
wow this is cubao now? where is this mall located there? barely 2 years awayand cubao has transformed! i used to work there in my tita's office..happy new year! hey! it's exactly 12 there now! haha!i'm linking you in ok?

mira said...

happy new year, hope you don't mind. I link this site to my site:

Lani said...

Yap, kakalungkot talaga. Sa Greenhills na merong Christmas presentation ngayon.

Sarap alalahanin ang kabataan di ba?

I couldn't post my message on your blogsite, laging mali iyong verification code :)
Gateway mall is beside National Bookstore at connected ito hanggang sa Araneta Coliseum.

Okay lang, blogpal.

Happy 2006 to all!!!

Thess said...

Happy New Year, Lani! ^-^

wow, is that in Cubao?! I used to work in Acebedo Farmers and Rustans' Branch back in the 90's..all I can recall were the old buildings...this is amazing!

have to visit Cubao on my next vacation, thanks for sharing these images.

Thess (eetsmakelijk)

Lani said...

Thess, the last time I visited Rustan's Cubao ay sarado na ito. I don't know now kung inilipat ito sa Shopwise (also owned by the Tantocos).

Yap, try to visit Cubao on your next vacation, dami na ring nabago.

Happy new year!

a said...

Hi Lani,

Just checking around! I think a missed a lot of nice places when I went back to Manila for a visit last year, darn why did my sister's forgot to take me to Cubao - one of our favorite place to shop in well, next time I wouldn't miss those places that brings memory back during my childhood. Thanks for sharing!

Lani said...

You're welcome, CJ.

Don't worry, you can visit Cubao next time at marami pang iba. Dami na malls dito at tiangge, sarap talagang mag-shopping.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hello lani,

Dropping by, i've been to Araneta last year, we have had dinner in one Italian Restaurant then we watch Nora Jones concert. I think she was dissapointed with the audience. It was a lousy spectateur not responding to her.
And mind you about the horrible toilet.
The owner must get into and used that toilet so she will realized that she needs to put some cents to improve it.. Sorry for theis comment.. The toilet are very Yucky!

Lani said...


They have nice and clean comfort rooms in Gateway Mall but you have to pay PhP10.00 everytime you use it.

Actually, I also have experiences with yucky comfort rooms in some of our big malls and establishments. I hope the owners are responsible enough to improve their facilities.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures here:) wow ganda naman ng place .we used to go at fiesta carnival when i was small, i think better idea to make it outdoor carnival.