Friday, January 06, 2006

Ilocos Empanada in the Making

I always watch TV programs or documentaries showcasing the beauty of the Philippines. One of the beautiful places I would love to visit is Vigan, Ilocos Sur. UNESCO made Vigan as one of the world’s heritage site.

I remember when I was 14 years old; I watched the movie “Underage” starring Dina Bonnevie, Maricel Soriano and Snooky Serna. Some of the scenes from that movie were shot in Vigan; the old house where they lived and the streets of Vigan.

Talking about Vigan isn’t complete without mentioning its food and delicacies. I love vigan longanisa, bagnet, and the most-famous empanada with sukang iloko dip.

Whenever I want to eat empanada I go to Sidcor Market in The Lung Center of the Philippines parking area every Sunday or in Katipunan, QC. While I was waiting for my order of empanada last December 24, 2005, I asked the stall owner in Sidcor Market if I could take pictures of their empanada cooking. She was really very generous enough to agree.

The procedure starts with the preparation of the wrapper. The woman gets some dough made from rice flour, form it into circle and flatten it with rolling pin.

She puts shredded papaya, cooked mongo on top of the flatten crust.
She adds vigan longanisa and 1 whole egg.

She folds it into half, trim the wrapper, and seal the edges then deep-fry in oil.

Yummy vigan empanada
By the way, empanada costs PhP35.00 each. I also bought bagnet for PhP340.00 per kilo and Vigan longanisa for PhP180.00.


a said...

Hi Lani,

Thanks for stopping by to my blog!

You know what - you get me too excited when you mentioned "Vigan Ilocos Sur" is my Mother's hometown and I really appreciate for sharing the empanada's recipe which is my all time favorite since I was kid. I don't come and visit Vigan very often but during summer time, I will just pop-up and stop by at the Vigan plaza just for the empandas. I terribly missed it and hoping to be able to visit this year...

Thanks again and I feel so proud about your post!


a said...

Oh by the way Lani, can I add you to my link?


Anonymous said...

hello lani this post seems so interesting and yummyyyyyyyy ! ilove empanadas,might try this one :)

btw tnx for visiting my site!

Lani said...

Yes, you can add me to your link. I love it.

Sarap talaga ng empanada at ganda ng Vigan, grabe!

Ganda ng blog mo, feeling ko narating ko na lahat ng places na minention mo doon, galing ng pagkakakuha.

Take care!!!

sha said...

lani never tasted this kind of empanada...
anyway pag uwi ko malapit lang naman ang tiya ko sa lung center.

watson said...

Plano namin ni wofe pumunta sa Vigan for vacation. Sana mangyari this year!

Ang sarap naman nung empanada. Vigan longganisa ang laman! Aaaargh nagugutom ako.

a said...


May bagnet ka pa bang natira - mag-pipinakbet sana ako...


Lani said...

You should try vigan empanada, uulit-ulitin mo ang kain kapag natikman mo. I am not an Ilocana but I really love ilocano dishes.

Ako rin laging gutom, kahit 3 empanada kaya kong ubusin kaya lang medyo ingat-ingat sa paglafang dahil hypertensive ako.

Parang dinaanan ng bagyo ang bagnet sa aming mag-anak (ako, hubby and kiddo). Sarap talaga, actually nga ni hindi ako nakapagluto ng pinakbet which is iyon ang plano ko kya bumili ako ng bagnet.

God bless all!

thess said...

all the ingredients sound tempting, and in ensaymada, whoa!

ting-aling said...

Lani, the longganisa and the bagnet, yes I had them when I went to Ilocos recently. Now you make me feel homesick.

Anonymous said...

So funny. Such a small world Lani. I found your blog through Eden who I found through CJ but i believe my gf also knows you - Ellen - .... lol. How small world huh. I love your blog. Yummmm.

Lani said...

*empanada, ginutom tuloy ako sa ensaymada.

Sarap talaga di ba?

It's really a small world.

Anonymous said...

puwedeng pakibigay ang recipe ng Vigan empanada. Salamat ngarod!

Anonymous said...

pwedeng mahingi ng recipe ng empanada. d ko kc cgurado an gmeasurement eh. tnx