Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lasang Pinoy 8: Tuna Spread

I learned my basic knowledge on cooking from my mother. She started to take me to the wet market to buy ingredients for our meals when I was around 10 years old. She taught me how to choose fresh meat or fish and even fruits and vegetables. My mom is not the type who haggles for merchandise, what’s important for her is the freshness and the quality of the things we buy. I am not good in buying goods from Divisoria or tiangge because of my mom's influence, instead of getting the merchandise cheaper, I usually end up paying more.

If I'm not busy with my studies she would asked me to help her in the kitchen. She first taught me to prepare ingredients; slicing and paring vegetables. She patiently explained to me that one of the secrets of delicious cooking is in the sautéing; many of the viands we cooked (that’s the tagalog way) start from sautéing. “Always make the garlic a little brown (do not roast it unless you’re using it as topping for congee or other soups); when the onion is translucent in color, that’s the time you should add the tomatoes; cook the tomatoes thoroughly until you squeeze all the juices; put the ginger first in sautéing before the garlic (when the ingredients has ginger on it).” That’s some of her tips in sautéing.

I started to teach my son, Aldrin, to cook when he was 11 years old. Even though he is a boy, he should still learn to cook or prepare meals. I told him that time will come that he will live away from us or he will have his own family, and he will definitely use this cooking knowledge. I explained to him that helping his wife (when he’s married already), will not lessen his masculinity. I didn’t get a hard time teaching him because he is a great fan of “Iron Chef” and one of his dreams is to become a chef. I also know that he got his inspiration from me because he always sees me enjoying my cooking and baking.

Since he is a little busy nowadays because of his graduation practices, I instructed him to make this easy sandwich spread. It’s a no-cooking recipe. He loves tuna spread very much that’s why I chose this as my entry to our LP8 which is hosted by pretty Iska of Edible Experiments.

Tuna Spread
1 pack mayonnaise or mayo magic
1 small can tuna flakes in oil
salt to taste


Drain the tuna, mix all the ingredients in a bowl.


Iska said...

hello lani, bago ang lahat, congrats to your son! binata na high school na sya next school year! many thanks to both of you for having time to cook for LP8. and ofcourse there is nothing wrong with men doing all the cooking. my dad and my bro are fantastic cooks. and look at marketman and angelo...


ces said...

hey lani..
like mom like son! my daughter loves this tuna sangwesh in fact this is the only thing she likes other than nutella, coco jam, cream cheese, peanut butter and jelly...:)

JMom said...

Hi lani! I love the fact that you are teaching your son to be familiar with the kitchen. I hate to see helpless boys who don't even know how to boil an egg. We are not really doing them any favor if we keep them out of the kitchen. I made sure I married a man familiar to cooking. There's nothing better ;-) Your son is sooo cute!

celiaK said...

Oooh, I love tuna not only in sandwiches but also on top of baked potatoes.
It's good that your son is learning to cook well from you. :)

Anonymous said...

a good sandwich indeed. i might teach my son do some stuff as well:)

btw i put my blog on hold tnx all the comments and nice meeting you lani:)

kind regards!

stef said...

hey lani, pogi ng assistant mo d'yan ah! great start. paborito din ng 9-yo boy ko ang tuna spread, lalo pa i-melt with cheese on croissants! yum!

Lani said...

OO nga binata na itong kiddo ko, masayang malungkot. Nagkakaroon na kasi siya ng sarili niyang mundo unlike before na laging nakadikit lang sa mommy.

Thanks for dropping by, my son loves Nutella, too. Mabuti na lang maraming nabibili dito sa Pinas.

Sa sobrang ka-cute-an naging playboy na (hehehe). Dami na ngang young girls na laging nagtatawagan dito sa house.

Tita C:
I will definitely try that one. Sarap pa lang pan-top sa baked potatoes ito. Thanks!

Ye, do that Eden. I'm sure mag-eenjoy din ang son mo.

Nic meeting you, too.

Talagang mga kiddos natin mahilig din sa pagkain like their moms (hehehe). Kaya talagang dapat maturuan natin silang magluto.

Thanks everyone and God bless!