Wednesday, April 04, 2007


After a long absence because of some computer problems, here I am again posting this embutido picture. I got the recipe from Iska and tita C. Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe. You will notice that it's not a round embutido but a square one, I used a loaf fan because I ran out of supply of aluminum foil (lol).


TheSkinnyCook said...

Hi Lani,

Are the computer probs all solved and will you be updating again regularly?

Looking forward for more recipes and if you love to feature a philippine recipe on my site, please let me know in email to stef2k[at]yahoo[dot]com

Happy eating!

Anonymous said...

hello lani,
buti naman back to blogging ka na! yummy as always :) ang mga foods mo.

Mae said...

Embutido is something i haven't had for years.

I might just make some - let's hope the ingredients are easy to find. :)



Lani said...

Yes, I will email as soon as I have the recipe and the picture.

Hindi pa rin nasolve lahat ng PC problems, maybe next week pa.

Sa wakas nga Eden nakapagblog ulit.

Yup, i hope u will find the ingredients there.

Thank u for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lani! Self-imposed vacation ako kaya bloghopping uli sa wakas. Been really busy since the year started grabe...

Good to read I had something to do with your embutido :-)

Kamusta ka na? My access to blogspot isn\'t working very well again... haaay...


QuickDinnerRecipes said...

Hi Lani :-)

Looking forward for your recipe with picture. meanwhile added a link to your site, would be happy if you link back to my site. Since you already have 2 stefs, can use "Quick Dinner Recipes"

Happy Easter!

Stef aka TheSkinnyCook

Anonymous said...

actually it looks better than the original embutido shape,,,hehe it looks more delicious ,, hope you can share to me the ingredients :)