Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lasang Pinoy 7: Eggs

Gising, mag-ALMUSAL na tayo is the topic for Lasang Pinoy 7 which is hosted by Joey of 80 breakfasts. Breakfast, agahan, or almusal is the day’s first meal. Eating breakfast not only fuels the body to help provide stamina, it is also very important for weight management and weight loss. It helps curb our hunger and prevent binge eating later in the day. We really should "Breakfast like a King, lunch like a lord and dine like a pauper…."

When I was a child, breakfast for our family usually composed of hot toasted pandesal from Juat bakery, different kinds of spread; kesong puti, cheese with anchor butter, fried eggs; and hot coffee or milk.

When I reached my teenage years, I started skipping breakfast. I just drink coffee or milk before going to school. I didn’t have enough time to eat because I usually woke up late (typical teenage habit).

I started eating rice for breakfast when I was working already. I need extra energy to be able to work efficiently. I feel exhausted every time I don’t eat enough.

According to a book I read, breakfast is even better with protein. Eggs are a great source of protein, vitamins like B and K as well as folic acid. And since there are many easy ways in preparing eggs, I usually cook it for breakfast. But as much as possible I limit our egg intake for 2-3 times a week.

Whenever I want the pares-type (pair) breakfast; like tapsilog, longsilog, tuyosilog, I usually cook egg sunny-side up or omelette-style. Sometimes I add garlic, onion and tomatoes for my scrambled egg.

I also cook corned beef with scrambled egg. My son loves it so much. I just mix the corned beef with egg and fry it just like in tortang giniling.


joey said...

Hi Lani! I have never tried substituted corned beef in a tortang giniling...good idea! :) Everything looks yummy :)

Thanks for joining Lasang Pinoy 7!

Anonymous said...

this food makes my mouth watery :)

great almusal here!

a said...


How are you? I never heard from you for a while but anyway, sarap naman ng breakfast mo especially your corn beef - miss ko na talaga yan!

Baka gusto mong mag-join I can bring my breakfast up there too...

ingat ha!


Kai said...

I love corned beef mixed in scrambled eggs, more than giniling. Yum!

sha said...

alam mo di pa ako nakagawa ng corned beef w eggs ala tortang giniling
sabihin mo sa anak mo i share nya sa akin to

ces said...

good thing you reminded me of this lani! tagal na i haven't done this..hanap muna ko corned beef dito..hehe...

Lani said...

Joey and Sha:
Try niyo, masarap na madali pang iluto. You can also add potatoes.

Lamig pa ba diyan?

Sige, dito ka rin mag-almusal. Miss you, too.

Me, too kasi di lang masarap madali pang i-prepare kahit hilo pa ako sa antok.

Dami diyan, hanap na!

God bless all.

Ellen said...

Ako rin! favourite ko ang corned beef with scrambled eggs! ang sarap talaga!

I always have a hearty breakfast every morning. that way i don't have to feel hungry until late afternoon. it helps me with weight loss...hehehe

mg said...

I cook corned beef with eggs too with diced potatoes. Funny how i thought that the only torta is tortang talong! Now i realised that anything cooked by frying with eggs is torta! LOL.

Ces got me eating pusit - i had pusit 2 nights in a row... sarap kasi. I wonder if i have any corned beef...

Midge said...

Hi, Lani! Thanks for dropping a line at Sybaritic Diversions! I thought I was the only one who liked corned beef omelets; it's nice to know someone else does, too!

kc said...

wow, sarap, tapos sinangag, miss k n pinas.hello,pala,im Kc.

ggpaborito said...

:) This reminds me of "Almusal sa Tapsilogan" in Manila when I'm still in the PHIL. Everything are really YUM!!! :)