Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Food blogging became one of my hobbies way back 2005. It made me truly realized how food affects our culture and our own life. I started to feel young again because of food that brings back memories of my childhood.  I also met many nice people through blogging who really helped me a lot and encouraging me to continue with my hobby.

I am on a temporary hiatus from blogging for almost 3 years because of some very personal reasons. But through Facebook I found some of my blogger friends. Mang Mike posted a comment on my facebook account that there is a plagiarist (someone who copy/paste some of my friend’s blog entries) and he told me to also visit the site to check if my posts were being copied also. But because of tons of blog entries of that blogger, I didn’t have enough time to browse his blogs (yes, blogs because he has many blog sites). From that incident, a dragon alliance was born, we (food bloggers) did our contribution to make that blogger realized his mistakes, and for him to respect his fellow bloggers. As of today, his blog sites are already deleted.

There are rules in blogging and the main rule is RESPECT. We can’t say that we are really good bloggers, but we really make a point that the readers of our blogs will surely learn something from our posts. It isn’t easy to write an entry, we spend a lot of time for a single blog entry. And it is really so unfair for us when our entries are being copied by other bloggers. We can share our entries (including the pictures) if people will learn how to ask for a permission. Isn’t it a big thing to ask?  We can create a peaceful blogging community if we know how to respect and give credits to those people who deserve it.

With this, I am officially announcing my return to blogging world because I miss you all, guys. 


Anonymous said...

Continue doing those things that will make you happy and satisfy.

Midge said...

Welcome back to the blog world! It's been three years and there are a lot of new things for you to try! :D

Lani said...

@Anonymous - yes you're right, thanks for encouraging.

@Midge - wow long time no talk, yes I miss blogging and I miss you all, guys.