Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chicken Roll

This recipe is one of my Aunt Thelma’s favourites. I always find it in her menu every time we have family gatherings. She taught me the procedure to cook chicken roll. I learned that some called this recipe Cordon Bleu.


½ kilo chicken breast fillets


1 egg beaten

Bread crumbs

Salt and pepper

4 slices sweet ham

4 slices cheddar cheese


Pound chicken breast fillets in between sheets of cling wrap until they flatten to 1/2-inch-thick. Season it with salt and pepper. Place a slice of sweet ham on one end of each breast. Top with cheese and then roll. Season breadcrumbs with pepper. Dip filled chicken breasts in flour, then egg and roll in breadcrumbs. Deep-fry until cooked through and drain in paper towels.


purplegirl said...

thanks for visiting my blog...

i've never had deep-fried chicken cordon bleu; only baked. your version is wonderful -- the outside looks crispy yet the inside looks moist. i would definitely try your version. it looks more delicious than the bland-looking baked ones.

p.s. what do you use as sauce for this? i always see gravy but maybe your Aunt Thelma uses something else?

Anonymous said...

yummy and tasty for sure.try ko din to today.tnx for the recepe!